BME Students Win Idea Grant

Kate Craddock ’16 (Biomedical Engineering, ENGR) and Ryan Rood ’15 (Biomedical Engineering, ENGR) were awarded a Spring 2014 UConn IDEA Grant for their project, “Technology-Based Alternate Note-Taking Methods.”

They will work with the UConn Center for Students with Disabilities to engage in a study on various note-taking methods and study habits that have the potential to improve students’ organization, retention of the material and their overall learning experience. The grant was one of 17 awarded this semester. 

The UConn IDEA Grant program is open to all majors at all of the university’s campuses, and awards funding to undergraduates as a means to support projects designed by the students themselves. These can include artistic endeavors, community service initiatives, traditional research projects, entrepreneurial ventures, and other innovative projects. Proposals for the UConn IDEA Grant represented a variety of disciplines, ranging from fine arts to marine sciences.

Published: Apr 20, 2015