BME will host the 20th edition of the Neuroscience at Storrs symposium on October 24th


The 20th annual Neuroscience at Storrs symposium will take place on October 24th from 5:00pm to 8:30pm on the first floor in Laurel Hall. From 5pm-6pm the keynote speaker David Ginty, Ph.D will be presenting his lecture “A Molecular-Genetic Approach to Decoding the Sense of Touch”. From 6pm to 8:30pm there will be a poster session and reception. During the poster session, Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers from across campus will present their work in poster format. Everybody is welcome to interact informally over food and drinks. Finally, from 7pm to 8pm there will be a Data Blitz, which is a fun way for trainees to present their research in a concise manner to a diverse audience by encapsulating their work in a 3 minute-long presentation and limited to only 3 PowerPoint slides. The bell will be rung at the end of the 3 minutes. There will be 2 minutes for Q & A. A prize will be given for best presentation. For more info and questions please contact Dr. Feng and Dr. Santaniello.