Completed Senior Design Projects


Spring 2013

  • Team1-Off-road Wheelchair for Melody, Workstation and Pool Lift for Paige, Specialized Seat and Activity Tray for Sean
  • Team2-Stairlift and Walker
  • Team3-Auditory and Visual Stimuli, Go-Kart for Shane, Lawnmower for Shane
  • Team4-Novel Wireless Sensor Platform
  • Team5-Vital Signs Monitor
  • Team6-EndoClip III 5 mm Firing Fixture
  • Team7-Tissue Thickness Measurement Device
  • Team8-Clip Gap Specification Development
  • Team9-Laparoscopic Seal Closure Response Test Fixture
  • Team10-Pressurized Static Chamber to Determine Leaflet Strain
  • Team11-Device to Monitor and Control Intra-Articular Hydraulic Distension Therapy for Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment
  • Team12-Optimized Cervical Plate Design Based on Biodegradable Natural Polymer Material
  • Team13-Novel Polysaccharide-Derived Fixation Device For Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
  • Team14-Bioactive Bandage for Enhanced Tissue Regeneration
  • Team16-Development of an Electronic Stethoscope and A Disposable Expiratory Pressure Manometer Project
  • Team17-Endotracheal and Gastric Tube Fixation
  • Team18-Pressure and Flow Rate Sensor for Controlled Media Delivery to Rat Lung Vasculature Ex-Vivo
  • Team19– Creation of an in vitro Model to Test Emerging Wound Therapies for Human Wound
  • Team20-Endoscopy Bite Block Project for a Clinician from University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Team21-Ultrasound Mediated Non-Union Fracture Repair System
  • Team22-Sensory Board for Adam’s Adventure Playground
  • Team23-Robotic Rehabilitative Assistance and Targeted Muscle Activation Device
  • Team24-Intraluminal Anastomosis Evaluation Method


Spring 2012

  • Team1All-Terrain Power Chair Fix, All-Terrain Wheelchair Fix, and Beach Wheelchair
  • Team2SmartKart, iHome Remote App, Mobile Stander and Porch Swing
  • Team3Go Kart for Shane
  • Team4Lawnmower for Shane and Projects for Sean
  • Team5Accessible Laptop Desk for Julia, Single Hand Manual Driven Wheelchair,  Automatic Ramp to Ascend/Descend Stairs
  • Team6A new otoscope that will facilitate the diagnosis of Otitis Media
  • Team7Integrated Virtual Reality and Head Movement Tracking System
  • Team8Electronic Circuit to Mimic the Neural Network for the Saccade Controller
  • Team9Eye Robot
  • Team10Projects for Carylon Martin
  • Team11Treadmill Support System for Dominic Gondreau and Pool Lift for Zak Mahoney
  • Team12A Model to Demonstrate Compression Sleeve Technology on the Lymphatic System
  • Team13Improved Tissue Caliper
  • Team14Laparoscopic Morcellator for Covidien
  • Team15-Surgical Staple Formation
  • Team16Projects for Elysa Carlson
  • Team17Development of a Pulsatile Left Heart Simulator
  • Team18Miniature Biaxial Testing Device
  • Team19– Fabrication of Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Annuloplasty Testing Device
  • Team20Near Infrared Bladder Spectroscope
  • Team21Low-cost 3D Conversion System for Legacy 2D Ultrasound Machines
  • Team22Creation of Precision Devices and In Vitro Model to Test Emerging Therapies for Wound Healing
  • Team23Device to Optimize Tracheotomy Tube Attachment in Infants
  • Team24Expandable Growing Rods for Treatment of Pediatric Spinal Deformity with Reduced Rate of Infection
  • Team25Automated IV Catheter Insertion Device

Spring 2011

  • Team1LabPulse® Point of Care Tissue Processing System
  • Team2CoolPac: Cooling Device for Firefighters
  • Team33D Ultrasound Reconstruction
  • Team4Near Infrared Imaging System
  • Team5Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Diagnostics Device
  • Team7Soft Tissue Fatigue Testing Fixture
  • Team8A system to quantify 3D spatial deformation of heart valve leaflets
  • Team9The Smart Kart
  • Team10All-Terrain Power Chair
  • Team11Wheelchair for Abby Miller
  • Team12Bicycle Sidecar for 16 year old Abby Miller
  • Team13Beach Wheelchair and Beach Walker for the Davies Family
  • Team14Adaptive Equipment Designed and Constructed for Samantha Gillard
  • Team15-Chair Lift Design for Ron Hiller’s Pool and Hot Tub
  • Team16Electric Wheelchair to Riding-Lawnmower Assist Device
  • Team17Dynamic Muscle Recorder
  • Team18Improved Tissue Caliper
  • Team19Microparticle Formulation Syringe
  • Team20In-Vitro Hemostasis Test Platform
  • Team21Joshua’s Jumper
  • Team22Project For Steven Macary
  • Team23Seizure Monitor- Entrepreneur Project

 Spring 2010

Spring 2009

Spring 2008

  • Team1 Assisted Leg Holding Device For Medical Procedures
  • Team2 Automated Syringe Loading Device
  • Team3 E-Racer
  • Team4 1) Shampoo/Conditioner Identification Device and 2) Backpack Lever Arm
  • Team5 Assistive Robotic Device
  • Team6 1) Alternative Mouse Trial and Assessment System for Adaptive Computer Control, 2) Head and Arm Mounted Art Instrument, and 3) Game to Improve Speed and Accuracy of Name Recall
  • Team7 MEDSense: A Portable Pill Dispensing Device
  • Team8 Accessible Incontinence Control Device
  • Team9 Accessible Weight Scale for Seated Users

Fall 2007

Spring 2007

  • Team1 Head-Mounted & Arm-Mounted Art Design System
  • Team2 Accessible Infusion Pump User-Interface
  • Team3 Accessible Vital Signs Monitoring System
  • Team4 Interactive Wheel of Fortune Game
  • Team5 Medicine Reminder Device & Shampoo/Conditioner Identification Device
  • Team6 Freely Adjustable and Accessible Keyboard and Arrow Pad for Client with Cerebral Palsy
  • Team7 Orthodontic Wire Mechanical System Tester
  • Team8 Adjustable Back Angle Controller
  • Team9 The Assistive Robotic Arm

Fall 2006

  • Team1 Modified Communication System
  • Team2 (Secure Website, Visitors Not Allowed) Sensor Receptacle Stethoscope
  • Team3 Biomechanics Gait Analysis Lab

Spring 06

  • Team1 (Environmental Controller-NSF*)
  • Team2 (Accessible Blood Glucose Monitor Interface-RERC**)
  • Team3 (A Different Adjustable Easel-NSF*)
  • Team4 (Easel for an Artist with Limited Hand and Arm Motion and Mental Retardation-NSF*)
  • Team5 (E-Grip-NSF*)
  • Team6 (Accessible Medication Dispensing Device-RERC**)
  • Team7 (Legless rocker-NSF*)
  • Team8 (Olfactory stimulation device-NSF*)
  • Team9 (Adjustable Art Table-NSF*)
  • Team10 (Patient Positioning Aid-RERC**)

Design Day Brochure

Fall 2005

Design Day Brochure

Spring 2005

Fall 2004

Spring 2004

Spring 2003

Spring 2002

  • BURT Project, National Science Foundation Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities

Fall 2001

* Teams are sponsored by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Accessible Medical Instrumentation a Center of Excellence funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education.