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Professor and Department Head

Dr. Monty Escabi
Phone: (860) 486-0063
Email: monty.escabi@uconn.edu


Lisa Ephraim
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: (860) 486-0163
E-mail: lisae@engr.uconn.edu

Jennifer Seyford
Financial Assistant II
Phone: (860) 486-0116
E-mail: jennifer.seyford@uconn.edu

Birgit Sawstrom
Admin Service Assistant III
Phone: (860) 486-1267 
E-mail: birgit.sawstrom@uconn.edu

Sowmya Ramesh
Financial Assistant I
Phone: (860) 486-7139
E-mail: sowmya.ramesh@uconn.edu

Sarah Dunnack
Administrative Program Support I
Phone: (860) 486-5838
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Main Office Address

Biomedical Engineering Department
A.B. Bronwell Building, Room 217
260 Glenbrook Road, Unit 3247
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3247
Phone: (860) 486-5838
Fax: (860) 486-2500

Lykotrafitis, George

George Lykotrafitis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests:  
Cell biomechanics, sickle cell disease, atomic force microscopy
United Technologies Engineering Building Rm. 374
191 Auditorium Road, Storrs CT 06269
Office Phone:Phone: (860) 486-2439
Fax:  (860) 486-5088 
BS National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 2001. 
MS National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 2001.
Ph.D. National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 2001.
Ph.DCalifornia Institute of Technology, 2005.

Research Summary:

The goal of Dr. Lykotrafitis’ laboratory is to study, by combining experimental, clinical, and computational investigation, how changes in the biomechanical properties of cells and subcellular structures influence, and are influenced by, the onset and progression of SCD to support diagnosis, pharmacotherapy and prevention of life threatening complications. The overall objective is to quantitatively understand the biophysical mechanisms related to hydroxyurea and its effect on sickle erythrocytes in vitro. Dr. Lykotrafitis’ laboratory currently combines experimental techniques conducted via AFM with molecular dynamics simulations.

More information about current projects can be found at:


Selected Publications:

Google Scholar Citations Link

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  2. J. MACIASZEK, K. PARTOLA, J. ZHANG, B. ANDEMARIAM (MD), and G. LYKOTRAFITIS, ‘Single-cell force spectroscopy as a technique to quantify human red blood cell adhesion to subendothelial laminin’, Journal of Biomechanics, 47, Issue 16, 3855-3861, (2014).
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