Neuroscience at Storrs Lecture with Dr. Susan Dymecki

Event: Neuroscience at Storrs Lecture

Location: Bio/Phys Bld Room BPB 131

Date: Fri Oct 2, 2015

Time: 5:00 PM

Description: Dymecki will discuss the transgenic tools her lab has pioneered to exquisitely subtype neurons by molecular identity, and probe each subtype’s function, location, connectivity, and origin-as illustrated in her recent discoveries in the brain serotonergic system. Dymecki has identified numerous subtypes of serotonergic neurons-previously unimagined-and uncovered their network nodes and discrete functions, from respiratory to affective. Elucidating this heterogeneity brings critical insight into serotonin involvement in such diverse disorders as autism, SIDS, and depression, providing novel ways to conceptualize and potentially attack these intractable disorders.