Seminar Series 2008

Seminars for 2008

Date & Time Speaker Title Location
5 Dec 2008, 1-4:00pm BME Senior Design Students Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Day UTEB 150
2 Dec 2008, 5-6:00pm BMES BME Track Exploration, Part II UTEB 150
19 Nov 2008, 5-6pm BMES BME Track Exploration UTEB 150
16 Oct. 2008, 5-6pm Frank Painter Clinical Engineering at UConn CAST 212
9 Oct. 2008, 5-6:00pm Rich Schiretz Covidien: Who We Are. Biomedical Engineering at Covidien CAST 212
6 May, 2008
Hassan Al Marshad A Method for Compound Eye Mapping: Dimensions and Regional Sensitivity in Firefly (Lampyridae) Eye UTEB 150
2 May, 2008,
11-12, 12-3
Senior Design
Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Day

BRON 213


29 April, 2008
Anthony Angelo Enhancing the Effective Use of the Cardinal-Alaris Medley SMART IV Pump at John Dempsey Hospital
UTEB 150
28 April, 2008
Stephenie Haapala Joint Biomechanics During Progressive Resistance and Submaximal Functional Electrical Stimulation – Leg Cycle Ergometry in Spinal Cord Injured People UTEB 150
28 April, 2008
Chen Xu Solutions for Clinical Problems of Near Infrared (NIR) Light Imaging Reconstruction with Ultrasound Localization ITEB 336
16 April, 2008
Victor Compe A Wavelet transform coupled with a Fuzzy Neural
Network for prediction of significant ST segmental
changes in the ECG.
UTEB 150
11April, 2008
Craig S. Levin Organ-Specific Positron Emission Tomography Camera For More Sensitive Cancer Imaging ITEB 336
Dr. Michael S. Sacks Biomechanics of Native and Engineered Heart Valve Tissues
UTEB 150