Seminar Series 2009

Seminars for 2009 Year

Date & Time Speaker Title Location
8 Dec, 2009, 5-6pm BMES BMES Final General Meeting Torrey Life Science, 154
1 Dec, 2009 3-4:30PM Hosted by BME Grad Student Committee BME Faculty Research Seminar Engineering II, Room 202 (EII-202)
1 Dec, 2009 Ronald LaComb Implementation of 3D SHG Imaging Microscopy for Tissue Characterization and Disease Diagnostics: Experiment and Simulations UCHC, L5095
19 Nov , 2009, 5-6pm Dr. Douglas Oliver Neuroscience: An Important Field for Biomedical Engineering ITE C-80
18 Nov, 2009, 4-5pm Tatjana Tchumatchenko Correlations and Synchrony in Threshold Neuron Models (Co-sponsored by Dept of Psychology-Behavioral Neuroscience Div and BME) Bousfield, Room 160
17 Nov 2009 BMES BMES 4th General Meeting Torrey Life Science, 154
17 Nov 2009 Dr. Peterson, Director BME Grad Program Information Session on Changes to 5 Year BS + MS Degree Program FLC 212
17 Nov 2009 BME Graduate Student Committee Second Social Event at Nathan Hale Inn (True Blue Tavern) in Storrs, CT Storrs, CT
15 Nov 2009 USG & BME Student Society Human Body Exhibit at Foxwoods Foxwoods Casino
10 Nov 2009 BME Graduate Student Committee First Social Event at Murphy & Scarletti’s in Farmington, CT Farmington, CT
3 Nov 2009, 5-6:00pm BME Student Society BMES 3rd General Meeting Biol & Phys Bldg, Room 131
3 Nov 2009 Sponsored by BEACON Forecast for the Next Decade of the Medical Device Industry Berlin, CT
20 Oct 2009, 4:30-7:15PM Sponsored by BEACON Modeling & Simulation to Integrate and Build Knowledge in Development of Drugs, Biologics and Devices: Overview and Case Studies Dodd Research Center
12 Oct 2009, 5:00-6:00PM Gregory Whitehouse of Boston Biomedical Consultants, Inc. Alternative Job Opportunities for Biomedical Engineers TLS 301
6 Oct 2009, 5:00-6:00PM Drew Seils BMES 2nd General Meeting FLC 212
6 Oct 2009, 6:00-8:00PM BME Student Society Biomedical Engineering Relevance in Cinema FLC 212
22 Sept 2009, 5:00-6:00PM Drew Seils BMES 1st General Meeting FLC 212
22 Sept 2009, 10:00-12:00PM Francisco Rodriguez Campos Organization of Spectrotemporal Preferences in the Inferior Colliculus and its Role for Encoding Natural Sounds ITE 336
22 Sept 2009, 4:30-7:00pm Dr. Yusuf Khan Pfizer Seminar Series, Presented by BEACON- Regenerative Engineering: New Avenues for Tissue Repair Low Learning Center, UCHC
24 Aug 2009, 3-4:30pm Dr. Donald Peterson BME Graduate Program Orientation for Fall 2009 FLC 212
1 May 2009, 1-4pm Senior Design Students Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Day: Project Demonstrations Student Union, Rooms 304A and C
30 April 2009, 5-6:00pm David Price A Novel Device for Measuring 2-Dimensional Saccadic Eye Movements Using Infrared Reflectance FLC 212
24 April 2009, 1-4:00pm Senior Design Students Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Day: Project Presentations CLAS 105
23 April 2009, 5-6pm Danielle McGeary Engineering an HL7 Interface and Wireless Infrastructure to Improve the Efficiency of ECG Analysis at Hartford Hospital FLC 212
23 April 2009, 10:00-11:00am Andreas Mandelis Photothermoacoustic Imaging of Biological Tissues ITE 336
7 April 2009, 5-6pm BMES BMES Officer Elections FLC 212
1 April 2009, 1-4:00pm BME/ECE Faculty Breast Cancer Translational Research Seminar ITE 336
24 March 2009, 5-6:00pm Sajal Swaroop-BME Senior BME to Dental Schools FLC 212
17 Mar 2009, 5-6pm Ross Lewin, Director of Study Abroad Study Abroad at UConn FLC 212
29 Jan 2009, 5-6pm George Lykotrafitis A Course-Grain Model for the Human Erythrocyte Membrane

Published: Jan 26, 2011