5-Year BME BS & MS Academic Plan

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Introduction to the 5-Year B.S. & M.S. Academic Plan

The 5-Year B.S. & M.S. Academic Plan was designed by the BME Program Directors after consultation with the School of Engineering and Graduate School. The 5-Year Plan is designed for students who are interested in completing a B.S. and a M.S. in BME in an efficient manner that follows the policies already in place. Students who are interested in following the 5-Year Plan are responsible for knowing and understanding the policies of the BME Program, the School of Engineering and the Graduate School. Depending on individual differences in academic record and career goals of a student, his or her academic career may not exactly follow the path outlined. Please contact Birgit Sawstrom, Admin Service Assistant to the BME Program, if you have questions about the policies associated with this plan at the Graduate Level. If you have questions at the Undergraduate Level, please contact Lisa Ephraim, Undergraduate Academic Advisor. Master’s Plan B – Coursework Only The Plan B Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering requires a total of thirty (30) graduate level credits. Under the M.S. curriculum, students must take five engineering courses and one life science course. The student’s advisory committee decides which classes are considered engineering or life science core courses. Examples of courses that could fulfill these requirements are:

  • BME 5000 Physiological Systems I (life science core course)
  • BME 5100 Physiological Modeling (life science core course)
  • BME 5500 Clinical Instrumentation (engineering core course)
  • BME 5600 Human Biomechanics (engineering core course)
  • BME 5700 Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering (engineering core course)

**Note that all BME MS students are required to take at least two semesters of the Graduate Seminar. However, students are not restricted to taking only BME courses nor are they required to take the example classes listed above. After discussion with your advisory committee, courses are selected that are deemed appropriate to fulfill graduation requirements and are in the student’s area of interest. It is the responsibility of the student to keep records of core course approvals. There are no publication requirements for Plan B M.S. degree students.