Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities at UConn/UCHC

IMG_2138Undergraduate students in the Biomedical Engineering program enjoy a unique opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research with UConn faculty in a laboratory setting. Students may contact individual faculty members directly to learn more about their specific research programs. If mutual interest exists, students are integrated into the research as a lab group member. This lab experience allows students to pursue research within a specific field of interest, gain experience using lab equipment, learn valuable data collection and analysis techniques, and increase networking opportunities. While many BME faculty welcome undergraduate students in their labs, the availability of opportunities is contingent on the number of undergraduates already working in labs and the status of the research projects. Some faculty projects entail funding that permits undergraduate students to be paid, while other projects may not translate into paid undergraduate lab positions. Nonetheless, in many cases faculty whose research funding does not afford paid positions for undergraduates may still welcome undergraduates in the lab, provided research positions are available. For a list of Core and Affiliated BME faculty, go to For more information about other research opportunities, go to the Office of Undergraduate Research website at

BME Independent Study Guidelines

Independent studies are designed to allow students to pursue topics not offered through a traditional course. Independent studies may involve laboratory or research based work in which the student pursues and tackles a research problem with a faculty sponsor. Alternately, students can also pursue a problem based independent study, in which they are assigned weekly readings and do problem solving on a specific topic, analogous to a conventional class. All independent studies should have well defined requirements and measurable outcomes that serve as the basis for grading. The independent study must include:

  • A written report (minimum 5000 words, excluding references, for a 3 credit independent study, prorated for 1 or 2 credits).

The exact content of the independent study and grading requirements should be agreed upon with the faculty sponsor prior to the commencement of the class. Students must complete an Independent Study Authorization form located on the Registrar’s website and complete the BME Department Independent Study Form.

Research Opportunities at other Institutions

National Science Foundation, list of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)