Dr. Guoan Zheng Receives NSF Research Grant

Dr. Guoan Zheng Receives NSF Research Grant

Dr. Guoan Zheng

Dr. Guoan Zheng, a BME core faculty member, has received a $310k research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in support of his development of a new microscopy imaging technique. This 3-year project is entitled “Coded-illumination Fourier Ptychography for High-content Multimodal Imaging”.

Despite the rapid progress in biomedical optics in the past decade, there is still a pressing need for higher information content in images. Dr. Zheng’s NSF project aims to develop a new type of high-content microscopy technique that incorporates the innovations of Fourier data recovery, structured illumination for tissue sectioning, multi-layer modeling, and spectrum multiplexing. Iteration across data acquisitions is used to produce images with exceptionally high information content and increase image dimensionality, either spectral or spatial. The successful implementation of this project could benefit many biomedical applications, including deep tissue imaging, confocal reflectance microscopy, in vivo skin imaging, and multi-color fluorescence microscopy.  

Published: Jun 04, 2015