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Professor and Department Head

Dr. Monty Escabi
Phone: (860) 486-0063
Email: monty.escabi@uconn.edu


Lisa Ephraim
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: (860) 486-0163
E-mail: lisae@engr.uconn.edu

Jennifer Seyford
Financial Assistant II
Phone: (860) 486-0116
E-mail: jennifer.seyford@uconn.edu

Birgit Sawstrom
Admin Service Assistant III
Phone: (860) 486-1267 
E-mail: birgit.sawstrom@uconn.edu

Sowmya Ramesh
Financial Assistant I
Phone: (860) 486-7139
E-mail: sowmya.ramesh@uconn.edu

Sarah Dunnack
Administrative Program Support I
Phone: (860) 486-5838
E-mail: sarah.dunnack@uconn.edu



Main Office Address

Biomedical Engineering Department
A.B. Bronwell Building, Room 217
260 Glenbrook Road, Unit 3247
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3247
Phone: (860) 486-5838
Fax: (860) 486-2500

Goldberg, A. Jon

A. Jon Goldberg, Ph.D.
Research Interests:  
Dental materials, tissue engineering scaffolds
Email  Goldberg@uchc.edu
Rm L6103
UConn Health
263 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT 06030
Office Phone: 860-679-4455
BS, Drexel University
MS, University of Michigan
PhD, University of Michigan

Research Summary:

Dr. Goldberg’s research interests focus on the development of new dental materials, studies of structure-property relationships and more recently biomaterial-cell interactions. The work on new materials has involved titanium alloys for orthodontic application, fiber-reinforced composites (FRC) for various dental clinical applications and biocatalyzed mineralization.

Information about current research projects could be found at:

Selected Publications:
  1. Goldberg, A.J. 1990. Deterioration of restorative materials and the risk for secondary caries. Adv. Dent. Res. 4:14-18.
  2. Freilich, M.A.; Karmaker, A.C.; Burstone, C.J.; and Goldberg, A.J. 1998. Development and clinical applications of a light-polymerized fiber-reinforced composite. J. Prosthet. Dent. 80:311-8.
  3. Meiers, J.C.; Duncan, J.P.; Freilich, M.A.: and Goldberg, A.J.1998 Preimpregnated, fiber-reinforced prostheses. Part II. Direct applications: Splints and fixed partial dentures. Quintessence International 29:761-768.
  4. Freilich, M.A.; Meiers, J.C.; Duncan, J.P.; Eckrote, K.A.; and Goldberg, A.J. 2002. Clinical evaluation of fiber-reinforced fixed bridges. JADA 133:1524-1534.
  5. Freilich, M.A.; Duncan, J.P.; Alarcon, E.K.; Eckrote, K.A.; and Goldberg, A.J. 2002. The design and fabrication of fiber-reinforced implant prostheses. J. Prosth. Dent. 88:449-454.