2017-2018 New Undergraduate Sub-Plans

The Biomedical Engineering Department is excited to announce that it has enhanced its curriculum significantly for the 2017-2018 Catalog Year. Previously, students were required to choose from one of four Tracks (Concentrations) within a single curriculum. The Tracks were Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Systems, Imaging & Instrumentation, and Bioinformatics. To meet ABET accreditation requirements for continuous improvement, the BME faculty have developed new curricula that allow our students to gain more breadth and depth of knowledge. The four new Sub-Plans are as follows: Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics & Mechanobiology, Systems, Imaging & Instrumentation, and Computational & Systems Biology.

The freshmen and sophomore level curricula are the same for all four Sub-Plans; however, they diverge significantly in the junior and senior years. Please click on the links below to view each of the new Sub-Plans*.

Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering

Biomechanics & Mechanobiology

Systems, Imaging, & Instrumentation

Computational & Systems Biology

*Students on previous catalog year requirements are urged by the BME Dept and the School of Engineering Deanery NOT to change to the new 2017-2018 catalog requirements as the Department cannot guarantee that the student will be able to graduate in 4 years. Courses will not necessarily be scheduled the same as in previous years. If students decide to change to the new curricula, it is ultimately their responsibility to meet all graduation requirements under the new Sub-Plan regardless of how long it takes or whether or not previous coursework taken will count towards graduation.