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Professor and Department Head

Dr. Monty Escabi
Phone: (860) 486-0063
Email: monty.escabi@uconn.edu


Lisa Ephraim
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: (860) 486-0163
E-mail: lisae@engr.uconn.edu

Jennifer Seyford
Financial Assistant II
Phone: (860) 486-0116
E-mail: jennifer.seyford@uconn.edu

Birgit Sawstrom
Admin Service Assistant III
Phone: (860) 486-5838
E-mail: birgit.sawstrom@uconn.edu

Sowmya Ramesh
Financial Assistant I
Phone: (860) 486-7139
E-mail: sowmya.ramesh@uconn.edu


Main Office Address

Biomedical Engineering Department
A.B. Bronwell Building, Room 217
260 Glenbrook Road, Unit 3247
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3247
Phone: (860) 486-5838
Fax: (860) 486-2500

Liu, Changchun

Changchun Liu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests:  
Microfluidic Devices, Biosensors and Bioinstrumentation, Wearable Technology, Medical Diagnostics, Mobile Health
Email: chaliu@uchc.edu
Room L6083, UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030
Office Phone: (860)-679-2565
Office Fax: (860)-679-2565
BS in Applied Chemistry, Yunnan University, Kunming, China
MS in Organic Chemistry, Yunnan University, Kunming, China
PhD in Physical Electronics, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Post-doc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Research Summary:

Paradigm shifts in biomedical fields often arise from breakthroughs and innovations in tools and measurement methods. Our Smart Medical Devices and Systems (SMDS) Laboratory is interested in applying interdisciplinary approaches to develop new medical devices and systems to solve current challenges in biomedicine, such as disease diagnostics, medical therapeutics, mobile health, as well as personalized medicine. Our current research focuses on the integration of micro- and nanotechnology with biology and medicine, and their biomedical applications. Our research philosophy is “Interdisciplinary Integration and Innovation (I3)”. We are a diverse team of scientists & engineers with broad expertise spanning biology, chemistry, and medicine to engineering (i.e. biomedical, mechanical, electronic, material). We have developed a number of innovative medical devices and systems for disease detection and diagnostics (i.e., HIV virus, Zika virus, cervical cancer screening).


Honors and Awards

W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Award, 2016

Penn One Health Award, 2015

NIH Career Development Award (K25), 2012-2017


Selected Publications:

Google Scholar Citations Link

  1. Karteek Kadimisetty, Jinzhao Song, Aoife M. Doto, Young Hwang, Jing Peng, Michael G. Mauk, Frederic D. Bushman, Robert Gross, Joseph N. Jarvis, and Changchun Liu. “Fully 3D printed integrated reactor array for point-of-care molecular diagnostics.” Biosensors and Bioelectronics 109 (2018): 156-163.
  2. Jinzhao Song, Vikram Pandian, Michael G. Mauk, Haim H. Bau, Sara Cherry, Laurence C. Tisi, and Changchun Liu. “Smartphone-Based Mobile Detection Platform for Molecular Diagnostics and Spatiotemporal Disease Mapping.” Analytical chemistry 90, no. 7 (2018): 4823-4831.
  3. Jinzhao Song, Michael G. Mauk, Brent A. Hackett, Sara Cherry, Haim H. Bau, and Changchun Liu. “Instrument-free point-of-care molecular detection of Zika virus.” Analytical chemistry 88, no. 14 (2016): 7289-7294.
  4. Shih-Chuan Liao, Jing Peng, Michael G. Mauk, Sita Awasthi, Jinzhao Song, Harvey Friedman, Haim H. Bau, and Changchun Liu. “Smart cup: a minimally-instrumented, smartphone-based point-of-care molecular diagnostic device.” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 229 (2016): 232-238.
  5. Changchun Liu, Shih-Chuan Liao, Jinzhao Song, Michael G. Mauk, Xuanwen Li, Gaoxiang Wu, Dengteng Ge, Robert M. Greenberg, Shu Yang, and Haim H. Bau. “A high-efficiency superhydrophobic plasma separator.” Lab on a Chip 16, no. 3 (2016): 553-560.